My admiration for Phil Lowe, period furniture maker

Not too long ago, I had the privilege of attending a day-long seminar with Phil Lowe. I’ve always been impressed with his work.

During the seminar, he showed us his tips and tricks as he created a pie crust table. One of his tips is that he always draws full-size plans before he begins work. He says that doing so gives him a real sense of scale and he can use the drawings to pull dimensions from and use them as templates where necessary.

Phil uses a mix of hand tools and machinery in his woodworking. Watching him use his No. 4 Stanley hand plane and back saw was an education in and of itself.

Phil’s demeanor is very laid back and he’s very approachable. I suppose that’s why he’s been so successful as an instructor and furniture maker. You can get a sense of this in this series of videos recently posted at Fine Woodworking. If I had a “bucket list,” one of my wish list items would be to attend several of his classes at The Furniture Institute of Massachusetts.