An Idea Becomes a Business

I grew up and lived in the central Ohio area most of my life. In my younger years, I had thought at one time about venturing into making high-end custom desks for executives. But life is funny with it’s twists and turns and I never really pursued this avenue of woodworking. And there’s one interesting thing I’ve learned about myself. When I tackle a large project, as I pass the midpoint of construction, I often grow bored and impatient. I just want the project to be done. That’s not a good trait for a custom woodworker and I’ve learned ways to work around this shortcoming. Mostly, it involves playing some good music while in the shop and consciously telling myself to slow down and do things the right way.

Back to my original topic, I was interested to read about a local central-Ohio company near where I lived that has a business making custom desks and furniture. Caretta Workspace has found the right mix of design, production work, and hand work.

The company makes its furniture using a combination of handwork and computer-controlled cutting. In a typical day, employees build three desks.

Having an avid interest in CNC routers, I like the idea that Caretta has incorporated them into their shop as another tool to assist in quality workmanship.

You can read more about Caretta Workspace in this article from the Columbus Dispatch or head over to their website here.