Good Rules for Safety

As I was walking through the facilities at Fort Houston, I came across a sign posted on the doorway to the wood shop. My photo didn’t come out very clear, but here’s what it said:


As per the the Metro Fire Marshall, this space must maintain a level of cleanliness to ensure the safety and well being of those occupying this facility. Given the severity of the situation, the following wood shop policies will be enacted and enforced:

  • All work areas must be maintained and free of dust upon completion of task
  • For your convenience a shop vacuum and brooms will be provided
  • Tools must be cleaned after use
  • No wood shall remain in the wood shop
  • Any wood left in the wood shop for more than 24 hours will be disposed of without question
  • If found abusing equipment or not maintaining the shop upon completion of tasks, one is subject to suspension of shop privileges

Now if I can just make myself follow these rules in my own shop. Right now I’m looking at a suspension of shop priveleges.

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