El Salvador Trip 2013 — Part 3

I’m headed to El Salvador in a couple of weeks to help local craftsmen. I’ll be teaching them how to use a router and router table donated by Kreg Tool Company. Most of these craftsmen have never used a router, so I’ll have to start with the basics. I’ll be presenting two, 2-day seminars at two separate locations with 6 to 8 craftsmen in attendance at each one.

In preparation for the seminar, I was trying to come up with a project we could build during the seminar that would cover basic routing techniques. I played around with a design in SketchUp and came up with this Shaker-style wall shelf:

It incorporates routing edge profiles with roundover bits. And I’ll be talking about routing out the shape of the ends of the shelf using a template. I’ll also talk about joinery options for cutting rabbet and dado joints. I intend to present options for joinery since we’ll have access to Kreg pocket hole jigs.

In order to test my ideas, I made a couple of samples. One is made from inexpensive poplar. I hope to be able to disassemble it and take it with me on my trip to show as a demo. The other sample is made from Lyptus and finished with a coat of boiled linseed oil.

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