Coolbox redefines the lowly Toolbox

The toolbox you lug around on the job site is usually nothing more that a container for your tools. It’s a single-purpose necessity for keeping your most-often used tools handy.

A creative group of guys have set out to redefine what a toolbox should be. They call it the Coolbox. They call it “The World’s Smartest Toolbox.” You can see in the box above how much they’ve raised through crowd-funding on IndieGoGo. Their original goal was to raise $50,000. You can see how much their product idea must be hitting home with a lot of folks to have far surpassed their goal by several times. It’s one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” products.

The Coolbox it’s loaded with features you’ve longed to have on the job site. It’s a USB charger for your phone or tablet. There’s an integrated tablet stand. It’s got Bluetooth speakers for cranking out your favorite tunes. A pass-through power strip supplies juice to your power tools. LED lighting floods the area with light so you can select and use the right tool. There’s a whiteboard in the lid for jotting down notes, dimensions, or a shopping list for supplies. Built-in batteries supply power to small tools and the clock when you’re not near an outlet.

There are other features that are worth noting on the IndieGoGo page. You can pre-order one with as little as a $169 investment.

Oh yeah…the Coolbox is also a spacious toolbox to hold a lot of tools. Be sure to check out the video below.