I’ve been a woodworker almost as long as I can remember. I often followed my dad around as he fixed things around the house and later when he had his own contracting business. I got to know how to build things pretty early. Some of my first real projects were done as a member of my local 4-H club. I still have a few of those projects today.

My full-time day job is as a Senior Editor for Woodsmith and ShopNotes magazines. I guess you could call it my dream job. I get to work with a bunch of great folks that love to talk and write about woodworking as much as I do. I’ve also appeared in the early seasons of the Woodsmith Shop television show that’s shown nationwide on PBS. And you’ll catch me sometimes wondering around the Woodsmith Store.

When I’m not in the office, I’m often in my home shop working on projects for my family and others. I’ve worked on simple projects from repairing grandma’s rocker to building a large cabinet for an entertainment center and a large mantel for a fireplace. I’ve got a small, cozy shop with a comfortable, practical mix of power and hand tools that have served me well for most any project.

Oh…about the name Cherry Ridge Woodworks. When my parents moved to the rural home where I grew up, there was a big pile of bricks on the property. It seems that at one time, there was a one-room schoolhouse located on the property. The name of that school?  Cherry Ridge. I liked the name.

Best wishes,

–Randy Maxey