Rockler’s Glue Application Products

About a year ago, I stumbled upon Rockler’s silicone glue brush. At that point, I decided to scrap the cheap acid brushes I had been using. The bristles on the acid brushes are too long so they require a snip of the scissors. But even with that, loose bristles would end up in the glue I was applying to the workpiece.

With the silicone glue brush, the bristles are just the right length and stiffness to lay down the perfect thickness of glue. And the best part is, if I forget to wash out the brush, the dried glue peels right off.

Recently, Rockler introduced the kit you see at left. You’ll have to click on the photo or the link above to appreciate all this kit contains. What I like most is that these accessories fit the Titebond glue bottles. This kit will be on my next Rockler order.