Toothless saw blade prevents injury

A small startup company in Togul, Kyrgyzstan has caught the attention of several major tool manufacturers with a new product guaranteed to reduce or eliminate table saw and miter saw injuries. Vogelis Enterprises representative Nahgjhal Swarovjoskit has stated that they are in negotiations with several saw blade manufacturers to license the technology for their toothless saw blades.

The blades are to be manufactured from a lightweight, proprietary granular alloy and coated with a frictionless material similar to polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE), known by the trade name Teflon®. An early engineering and marketing drawing is shown here. Note that no arbor hole is shown. This is so the customer can drill an arbor hole to fit their saw. A normal spade bit is said to be the recommended tool for this task.

Testing has shown that upon accidental contact with human flesh, the blade will self-destruct into a powdery substance easily removed by a dust collection system or swept up with a broom. The blade remains intact when in contact with cellulose material such as wood. It’s ultra-thin kerf (0.04″) is said to require much less power and remove less material than conventional blades.

Samples are en route to distributors but there have been some issues with packaging and handling since gloves must be worn while handling the blade.

I for one am anxious to see how well the blade cuts and how it compares to my Freud Premier Fusion blade.

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Happy April Fool’s Day!